subst. \/ˈdrɪpstəʊn\/
1) vannese, vannlist
2) (geologi) dryppstein
dripstone cave

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.

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  • Dripstone — may refer to: Hood mould or dripstone, an architectural feature for handling rain water Stalactite, a type of a mineral formation that hangs from the ceiling of a limestone cave Stalagmite, a type of a mineral formation that rises from the floor… …   Wikipedia

  • Dripstone — Drip stone , n. (Arch.) A drip, when made of stone. See {Drip}, 2. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dripstone — [drip′stōn΄] n. 1. a DRIP (sense 4) made of stone 2. calcite or other similar mineral deposits, esp. a stalactite or stalagmite, formed in a cave by dripping or flowing water: cf. FLOWSTONE, TRAVERTINE …   English World dictionary

  • Dripstone cave — Dripstone caves are a type of solutional caves, mostly in limestone, called so for the typical Dripstones, hanging from their ceiling, which have been formed by deposition of minerals from water dripping down. Some dripstone caves, because of… …   Wikipedia

  • dripstone — noun Date: circa 1816 1. a stone drip (as over a window) 2. calcium carbonate in the form of stalactites or stalagmites …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • dripstone — noun a) A protective moulding over a door or window that allows rain to drip away from the structure b) stalactites and stalagmites collectively …   Wiktionary

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